Jay Electronica

jay-electronica-lr Music

New Music From Jay Electronica, Ice Cube, Brockhampton and More

The Listening Room (June 6, 2017)
jay electronica letter to falon Music

Jay Electronica Drops His Annual Facemelter, “Letter to Falon”

The Halley's Comet of hip hop
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Jay Electronica On New Album: ‘Maybe If Minister Farakkhan Said Put It Out’

Not even the coach can get Jay Elec in the game...yet
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Watch Jay Z Remind Jay Electronica That The Album Must Come Out

"Let's put this album out"
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Jay Electronica Invites Fans to “Collapse” Made in America Stage During Set

The Roc Nation artist almost set off a riot
Light-Years-Jay-Electronica-MF-DOOM Music

Jay Electronica and MF DOOM “Light Years”

Could this be a sign of a new collaborative project between the two heavyweights?
chance-the-rapper-chance-3-new-album-download-free-stream-640x640 News

Chance The Rapper Releases Feature-Heavy ‘Coloring Book’

Kanye West. Lil Wayne. Justin Bieber. Jay Electronica. Damn.
Jay Electronica The Curse of Mayweather Music

Jay Electronica Drops “#TBE The Curse Of Mayweather”

"They scared of Jay Elec, yeah, and they know why / Cuz I might turn the ROC to the NOI"
Jay Electronica smiling CMJ Music

What We Learned From Jay Electronica’s Periscope

'Asiatic black man' takes some swipes at Kendrick Lamar, hints at his new album.
Jay Electronica MUSICINMOTION Video

Jay Electronica Puts Music in Motion With Jason Goldwatch

Jay Elect paints a vivid picture with his rhymes.
JeRi The Awakening Music

Is This a Long Lost Jay Electronica Album?

The Dead Sea Scrolls of the rap game.
Jay Elect Shadows bnw Events

Did Jay Electronica Delete His Debut Album?

The inimitable emcee's long-awaited debut album may have been scrapped.
Jay Electronica and Raab Music

How Jay Electronica Decided to Release New Music Via a Random Fan on Twitter

The Internet is a weird-but-fantastic place.
Jay Electronica Road Music

Jay Electronica ft. Jay Z “Road To Perdition”

Big Daddy Cain and Abel.
Into-The-Ligh-Jay-Electronica-Trailer Film

Jason Goldwatch Presents: “Into the Light” Featuring Jay Electronica

Jay Electronica and Jason Goldwatch know how it do in Kathmandu.
Jay Electronica brought out Jay Z at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival Music

Jay Electronica Brings Out Jay Z at Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival 2014

Jay Elec and Jay Hov.