James Comey

Chuck Rosenberg News

Not Even the Head of the DEA Can Handle Trump’s Lawlessness

Hopefully he'll narc on him
Putin/Trump News

Lyin’ Trump: I Don’t Know About Russia Hacking The Election

Everyone Else: They Did
America is dead News

Clearly Trump Wants Everyone To Die As Soon As Possible

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ct-nvs-ribfest-toby-keith News

When Trump Visits Your Country You Get Burnt Steak and All-Male Toby Keith Concerts

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Sheriff David Clarke News

David Clarke Joining DHS To Protect Us From Black Lives Matter And Other Terrorists

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Trump News

White House Staff Purposefully Gives Trump Fake News

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spicer-bushes-lead News

Sean Spicer Hid In The Bushes to Avoid Reporters After Trump Fired The FBI Boss

“Just turn the lights off.”
Trump/Comey News

Trump Fires James Comey

The FBI Director helped make the Trump Administration happen, and was investigating its ties with Russia
Jeff Sessions News

A Woman May Go to Jail for Laughing at Jeff Sessions

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Maxine Waters News

Maxine Waters: “Nobody’s Challenging the System Anymore”

The wokest congresswoman alive
Comey Cartoon News

FBI Makes it Clear: They’re Investigating Trump and He’s Lying

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james-b-comey Drugs

FBI Chief Claims Anti-Marijuana Policy Could Cripple Hiring Hackers

And it only took a day to backtrack his statements.