melania-trump-israel-hand News

This Time, Melania Trump Swats Her Husband’s Tiny Hand Away

She's done with the subtle dodge
abkk News

Banksy’s West Bank Hotel Boasts the “Worst View In the World”

Yelp's gonna hate it.
Banksy-Gaza-Door Art

Banksy Invites Tourists to Gaza Strip in New Video

In his typically satirical tone, the video briefly explains circumstances on the ground there.
gaza-conflict-antiquities-destroyed Art

Life Eradicating Art: Antiquities and The Gaza Conflict

A lose/lose situation.
Elephants Israel News

Elephants in Israel Protect Young From Incoming Missiles

This is what happens when elephants hear incoming rockets.
netanyahu_500 Art

Daily Dingle: Iran Got Da Bomb?

Netanyahu blew up Iran's spot at the UN today.