Ishod Wair

crocdonedeal Skate

Fourstar Clothing “Crocodile Done Deal” Australian Tour Video

Keep it jumpin like kangaroos.
Sabotage Go Skateboarding Day

Sabotage Go Skateboarding Day 2014

Bring the mothafuckin' ruckus.
Fourstar Anthology Skate

Fourstar Anthology Video

Video cataloguing since way back when.
Tony Hawk Mini Cooper On The Grind

A Brief History of Athletes Jumping Over Vehicles

Better Not Swerve.
Sabotage Los Angeles Ishod Feature Image On The Grind

Skate Video of the Week: Sabotage’s “Los Angeles”

2014 skateboarding in 1992 LA.
#TeamDarkSkin vs #TeamLIghtSkin Features

#TeamDarkSkin VS #TeamLightSkin – 2013

In 2013 #TeamDarkSkin & #TeamLightSkin battled it out for claim to the throne, and bragging rights about the best melanin. We prov...
Skate Skateboarding Ollie Jump Sun Ledge Pier New York City Ishod Events

Go Skateboarding Day NYC 2013 “Nike SB Safari Demo”

Check out the Nike SB team take a floating park tour of NYC skateboard history.
sabotage 3 philly Sports

VIDEO: Ishod Wair in the “Sabotage 3 Remix” Teaser

Keep it gully with the new Sabotage video shot in Philly.
skatejawn4 Features

Know Your Zine: Skate Jawn

In the words of Skate Jawn founder Marcus Waldron “There is a lot of lame shit going on in skating now,” from Lil’ Wayne’s ambitio...
Ishod Wair Pushing for Philly On The Grind

Ishod Wair Pushes Philly for Real Skateboards

Skater Ishod Wair carries on Philly's street skating legacy.