dmx charged with tax fraud News

DMX Charged With 14 Counts of Tax Fraud and Evasion, Said to Owe $1.7 Million

Stop being greedy
irs_low_income_refund_delays Politics

Unless You’re Rich, Expect Your Tax Refund to Be Late This Year

stingray-surveillance Knowledge

Congress Introduces Bill to End Stingray Surveillance Without a Warrant

"The seminal question is: How much liberty are we going to give up in the name of security?”
Identity theft and Social Security card News

Identity Thieves Steal Information on 100,000 Taxpayers From the IRS

Identity thieves are using the stolen data to get refunds from bogus tax returns.
Cheyenne Fox Drugs

How Federal Tax Laws Challenge the Growth of the Legal Marijuana Industry

Marijuana businesses' profits are going up in smoke, thanks to the IRS.
Thug Life Knuckles by jason goldwatch Features

Unreleased Video of Young Buck “Put Me In The Projects”

Despite the hard times Young Buck's facing in and out of court, he's made diamonds in the form of these great works.