Irish Gangster Puts A Hit Out On His Would Be Hitman News

Notorious Gangster’s $40,000 Will Guarantees More Bloodshed

A notorious Irish gangster known only as Mr. Big (not dude from Sex and the City) has put up a $40,000 bounty on an unnamed rival’...
TMZ Think Irish People Don't Know Who Beyonce And Jay Z Are News

Apparently Irish People Don’t Know Who Jay Z Is

Jay Z has 99 problems but the people in Ireland ain't one.
LGBT Robo Muscle 2 Art

Support These LGBT Robo Muscle Toys for St. Patrick’s Day

Pint-sized, pro-gay conversation starters.
asap-rocky-main-portable1 News

Flags of New York: A Flag Day Retrospective of New York City Crews, Gangs and Et...

Learn about some of New York City's most infamous flags.