Animated version of lil uzi drives in a car with purple and blue floating colors and shapes Music

Can “XO Tour Llif3” Become the Next “Black Beatles”?

Fetty Wap is the latest to repurpose the Lil Uzi Vert fav
beyonce_cma_bees_mass_appeal Music

The Beyonce/CMA Deleted Tweet Scandal Was A Shit Sandwich and We All Ate It

Don't believe the hype
Kim Dotcom Tech/Games

Kim Dotcom Is Creating His Own Private Internet

Kim Dotcom has had enough of government surveillance.

FCC Net Neutrality Rules Go Into Effect Despite Legal Challenge

The new net neutrality regulations aim to create a level playing field for service providers.
Snapchat News

Revenge Porn Now Illegal Under New UK Law

Throw your sh*tty ex in jail.
new museum internet subjects 2014 rhizome discussions Art

New Museum Presents “Internet Subjects”

Uber Troubles
Real Talk

Dear Internet, Wale Will No Longer Take Our Shit

Wale is apparently, "'bout that life."
featurepaul_1020_2 Film

Could You Live Without The Internet For A Year? Paul Miller Did

Paul Miller spent a year with no Internet. Check out his journey of self discovery.
dmx google 2 Music Video

DMX Googles Himself for the First Time, Hilarity Ensues

DMX is a beast in the booth but he's sheepish on a laptop.