homeless_owed_100k_governement News

Homeless Woman Wasn’t Crazy, Government Really Owed Her $100k

Maybe keep an open mind when a homeless person talks about the government
homeless News

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Orders Homeless Off the Streets During Cold Snap

It may seem hard to believe that a homeless person would choose to remain outdoors in freezing weather, but many are worried about...
Chef Arnold arrested News

90-Year-Old Floridian Arrested For Feeding the Homeless

City officials try to keep the homeless out of sight, out of mind.
Homeless-Guinea-Pig News

Homeless People Used As Guinea Pigs for New California Police Program

Do you want to go to jail... or do you want to get arrested?
The Homeless of NYC Have Taken To Living On The Manhattan Bridge 2014 News

NYC’s Homeless Are Moving to the Manhattan Bridge

The search for housing in NYC reaches new heights.