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Listen to Hodgy Beats’ New Single, “Final Hour,” Featuring Busta Rhymes

Hodgy's debut album, 'Fireplace: NotFromTheOtherSide,' is out December 9
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Album Rewind: Hodgy Beats, G-Unit, Big Gigantic, Isaiah Rashad, Blu, and More

A long weekend means more time for these albums
Hodgy Beats Dena Tape 2 Music

Hodgy Beats ‘Dena Tape 2’ Mixtape

Although he often plays the background, there's no denying Hodgy Beats' immense talent.
Mellowhype release the mixtape INSA Music

Mellowhype “INSA” Mixtape

Left Brain and Hodgy give you something to vibe to for the rest of the summer.
Hodgy Beats Left Brain Music

Hodgy Beats & Left Brain “Iama”

I am alone.
Nowadays Hodgy Beats Music

Hodgy Beats “Nowadays” (Video)

Oh, nowadays...
Hodgy Beats Features

Hodgy Beats Opens Up About Fatherhood and Preferring Solitude

Hodgy Beats talks marriage, singing and listening to Yo Gabba Gabba! with his son Trent.
Mac-Miler-Larry-Fisherman Music Video

Larry Fisherman (Mac Miller) – Showtime Mixtape

Pittsburgh's boy wonder Mac Miller switches up the steez and puts on his producer hat (and alias) for a brand-new mixtape that cha...