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Hipster Rogers Diggin You Music Video

Hipster Rogers “Diggin You”

Hipster Rogers channels his Patrick Swayze in this amazing, almost NSFW treat.
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5 Dollar Fridays: Hipster Rogers Edition

This month's 5 Dollar Fridays at the Knitting Factory features a world premiere video and live performance from Williamsburg's ver...
Hipster-Rogers-My-Bad Music

When Drunk Texting Goes Wrong–Hipster Rogers’ “My Bad” Video

Texting your significant other while under the influence is usually a bad idea and we’re all guilty of committing this communicati...
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VIDEO: Hipster Rogers “Talkin’ Shit” (Lyric Video)

Earlier this week we introduced you to Hipster Rogers, an animated slacker and troublemaker who frequents the streets of Williamsb...
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Hipster Rogers Goes From “WBRG2BSHWK” in Animated Video

What if the term “hipster” wasn’t a pejorative used to describe the denizens of “cool” urban enclaves like Williamsburg Brooklyn a...