redman Features

Best Year Ever? Celebrating Hip Hop’s Class of ’92—25 Years Later

When New York was red hot and 'The Chronic' was just starting to blaze
hip-hop-google News

Google Celebrates 44th Anniversary of The Birth Of Hip Hop

Happy Birthday Hip Hop
jay-z-danny-clinch Knowledge

Knowledge Darts Vol. 19: For The Culture

If every record label, media network and fashion brand on Earth ceased to exist, Hip Hop culture would continue to thrive
shabazz-hiphop News

Hip Hop Rules

It's official
godfather-the-firm_1024 Features

Kiss the Ring: The 45 Greatest ‘Godfather’ References in Rap

SouljaTrump_edit Politics

Soulja Boy is the Rap Game Donald Trump

Rappers and politicians have more in common than you think
marvel_varient_vic_mensa Art

Marvel Drops a Monster Hip Hop Variant Release

Kanye, Jay Z, Killer Mike, Kid Cudi and more
16248842928_609e3e622e_b Politics

Ta-Nehisi Coates Defends the Importance of Hip Hop and Comics

"Oddest thing is it was the comics that helped politicize me"
rosa_parks_hip_hop_lead Music

The Best Rosa Parks References in Hip Hop

Hush that fuss
hip_hop_politics_john_brown_mass_appeal Features

Hip Hop Lost the Election!

"Our Kids Can't All Aspire to be Lil Wayne" - President Obama, July 2009
snoop_dogg_kayne_west_concert_rants Music

Snoop Dogg Diagnoses Kanye West After Watching Concert Rants

"I smoke weed. Weed don’t make you do that. What the fuck is he on?"
grey_poupon_hip_hop Music

Watch: Why Hip Hop is Obsessed With Grey Poupon

Pardon me
Cold Crush Brothers Contact High Joe Conzo Features

Contact High: Photog Joe Conzo Discusses What It Was Like To Cool Out With the C...

Fresh, Wild, Fly and Bold
You're_Not An_Old Head_You're Just_Old_MA Features

You’re Not An Old Head, You’re Just Old

And they said hip hop was dead!
breitbart_bannon_hiphop_play Music

The Man In Charge of Trump’s Campaign Wrote A Hip Hop Musical

Let's hope the campaign is as successful as this "hip hop" musical
simpsons_hiphop_lead News

The Simpsons Is Getting A Sixty-Minute Hip Hop-Themed Episode

"I'm the kid that made delinquency an art. Last name Simpson, first name Bart"