hip-hop-google News

Google Celebrates 44th Anniversary of The Birth Of Hip Hop

Happy Birthday Hip Hop
jay-z-danny-clinch Knowledge

Knowledge Darts Vol. 19: For The Culture

If every record label, media network and fashion brand on Earth ceased to exist, Hip Hop culture would continue to thrive
shabazz-hiphop News

Hip Hop Rules

It's official
godfather-the-firm_1024 Features

Kiss the Ring: The 45 Greatest ‘Godfather’ References in Rap

SouljaTrump_edit Politics

Soulja Boy is the Rap Game Donald Trump

Rappers and politicians have more in common than you think
marvel_varient_vic_mensa Art

Marvel Drops a Monster Hip Hop Variant Release

Kanye, Jay Z, Killer Mike, Kid Cudi and more
16248842928_609e3e622e_b Politics

Ta-Nehisi Coates Defends the Importance of Hip Hop and Comics

"Oddest thing is it was the comics that helped politicize me"
rosa_parks_hip_hop_lead Music

The Best Rosa Parks References in Hip Hop

Hush that fuss
hip_hop_politics_john_brown_mass_appeal Features

Hip Hop Lost the Election!

"Our Kids Can't All Aspire to be Lil Wayne" - President Obama, July 2009
snoop_dogg_kayne_west_concert_rants Music

Snoop Dogg Diagnoses Kanye West After Watching Concert Rants

"I smoke weed. Weed don’t make you do that. What the fuck is he on?"
grey_poupon_hip_hop Music

Watch: Why Hip Hop is Obsessed With Grey Poupon

Pardon me
Cold Crush Brothers Contact High Joe Conzo Features

Contact High: Photog Joe Conzo Discusses What It Was Like To Cool Out With the C...

Fresh, Wild, Fly and Bold
You're_Not An_Old Head_You're Just_Old_MA Features

You’re Not An Old Head, You’re Just Old

And they said hip hop was dead!
breitbart_bannon_hiphop_play Music

The Man In Charge of Trump’s Campaign Wrote A Hip Hop Musical

Let's hope the campaign is as successful as this "hip hop" musical
simpsons_hiphop_lead News

The Simpsons Is Getting A Sixty-Minute Hip Hop-Themed Episode

"I'm the kid that made delinquency an art. Last name Simpson, first name Bart"
money owed Features

New York State Is Waiting for These Rappers To Claim Their Money

New York State is holding on to over $14 billion in cash, and some of it is owed to these hip hop stars