fentanyl News

New York Cops Seize Enough Fentanyl to Kill 32 Million People

Smack is wack
Heroin News

Ohio Politician’s Plan To Combat the Heroin Crisis: Let Addicts Die

An inhumane response to an epidemic
american-drug-epidemic Drugs

Heroin Deaths Now Outpacing Gun Homicides Because America Is Exceptional

Stop shooting up stuff
friendly fire News

NYPD Officer Shot by Friendly Fire During Drug Bust

Not even cops are safe from being shot by cops
Travel into the underground drug world of Romania News

Bruce Lee: The King of Romania’s Underground Heroin Society

Take a trip into the underground sanctuary of Romania's drug addicted and HIV infected youth.
schoolboy-q Real Talk

“Oxymoron” Speaks To Contradictions In My Life

The two takes on drug culture hit close to home this week.

Instaphiles: #Dopehead

We all have our vices.