Hefna Gwap

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New York Mixtapes You Need To Download Before the Ball Drops

Check out some of these hidden gems from 2013. It's not to late to hop on the wave y'all.
Knitting Factory Brooklyn Events

5 Dollar Fridays – Tanya Morgan, Grande Marshall, Aaron Cohen & Hefna Gwap

Come kick it with us and listen to good music from hip hop's hottest up-and-comers.
Sloppy Tuna Thumbnail Music

Hefna Gwap & T-Shyne – “Sloppy Tuna”

Get your mind out of the gutter kids, the title doesn't mean what you think it does.
Sam Siegel American Degenerate Music

Sam Siegel – “American Degenerate”

The UWS up-and-coming MC returns from his hiatus with a brand new project.
Hefna gwap Youngbossplaya Music

Hefna Gwap “Youngbossplaya”

Listen to the East Palo Alto MC's new track and get the info on his next show.
Hefna Gwap Bump That

Bump That! Hefna Gwap ft. Jona Grizz “28 Grams”

Hefna Gwap proves why he's been admitted to the Smoker's Club. Bump That!