gang starr dropped their debut album 38 years ago today Music

Gang Starr’s ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’ Dropped 28 Years Ago, Today

"Manifest" destiny
guru-jazzmatazz-album-art Music

DJ Jazzy Nice and Dee C. Lee On the Making of Guru’s ‘Jazzmatazz Vol. 1’

24 years after Guru's seminal debut
MA-Thumbnail_GURU Music

Guru’s Solo Debut ‘Jazzmatazz Vol 1.’ turns 24 Years-Old Today

A truly underrated classic

PREMIERE: Ladi6 “Guru”

That Kiwi funk
GangStarr Video

Gang Starr’s ‘Daily Operation’ Turns 25 Today

So that's where we got the name...
Keith Guru Elam by Jonathan Mannion Features

A Photo Essay Tribute to Keith ‘Guru’ Elam

Featuring images from Jonathan Mannion, Janette Beckman, Al Pereira, and Lisa Leone
Gangstarr "Mass Appeal" on Magnum Opus Music

DJ Premier Shares the Story Behind Gang Starr’s “Mass Appeal” for ‘Magnum Opus’

We wouldn't be here without this song.
Keith Guru Elam Music

Salute – Keith ‘Guru’ Elam

"Straight up, as far as Premier's beat styles and my rhyme styles ... you can't duplicate that shit; never in a fucking million li...
G Music

Premier : Marco Polo, DJ Premier and Talib Kweli Celebrate “G.U.R.U.”

Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal. God is Universal; he is the Ruler Universal.
hiphop_learn Events

Bodega Education Initiative at the 2013 Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival

Tonight's 2013 Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival activities involve Brooklyn Bodega bringing in a staff of hip hop industry professionals ...
Guru-Standard_500 News

New Doc Looks at the Life and Death of Gang Starr’s Guru

BBC 1Xtra Radio's audio documentary "Gone Too Soon" explores the Life and Death of Gang Starr's legendary MC.
back-in-black-slider1 Real Talk

Physical Graffiti: Mass Appeal BACK!

Mass Appeal magazine copped it's name from the classic Gang Starr song. DJ Premier comes clean on how he feels about that.