The World’s Best Lil B GIFs, Ranked

Protect Lil B at all costs.
FMK7's grey classic statues reflected into infinity and bathed in red light. Art

Double Tap: @FMK7 (FMK7)

Creations caught in an infinity loop
Digital artist James Jirat Patradoon talks about his illustrations, race in Australia, and his obsession with the '80s and manga. News

Double Tap: @jamesjirat (James Jirat Patradoon)

James Jirat Patradoon's neon visions of death
grizzly-bear-gun-shy-video-585x367 Music

VIDEO: Grizzly Bear “Gun-Shy”

Not only does Grizzly Bear’s “Gun Shy” look tailor-made for Tumblr gifs, but the rockers beat fans to the punch, by releasing read...