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Duppybustas: Who Yuh Waan Fi Call? Jamaicans Have Been Ghost-Busting for Years

"Mi nuh fraid ah no bumbaclaat ghost"
Photo of the Nas x FILA Ghostbusters Collection. Style

Nas Teams Up with FILA for Ghostbusters Collection

Turns out Nasty Nas is an avid fan of Ghostbusters
Ghostbusters trailer 2 main Film

Check Out the Second Official Trailer for the All-Female ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot

We don't want to spoil anything but...Stay Puft!
Ghostbusters Kirsten Wiig Features

Breaking Down the Official ‘Ghostbusters’ Trailer

We analyze every frame of the first trailer to uncover all the subtle nods and plot clues
Ghostbusters Film

‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot Will Feature All-Female Cast

Starring Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones.
The Ghostbusters theme is set to be re-released on vinyl Film

Ghostbusters Theme To Be Reissued On Marshmallow-Scented Vinyl for 30th Anniversary

When your vinyl smells like marshmallows, who ya gonna call?

Celebrate Bill Murray Day With Bill Murray

A day to celebrate Bill ghostbustin' ass Murray.
Kanye and Miley swing from big balls News

Happy Kanye is the New Sad Kanye

Everybody meme ... whoops ... meet Happy Kanye!