swizz_beatz_no_commission_mass_appeal_bx Art

Did Swizz Beatz’s “No Commission” Art Fair Benefit the Bronx?

Or was it just celebrity-endorsed gentrification?
grace-house-ascension-school04-lede Art

Keith Haring Mural May Soon Be Destroyed, Or Not

The building it's in could be having a change in ownership real soon
KatrinaTruckSuperdome Features

Soul Survivors: New Orleans 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina

The destruction wrought by Katrina has paved the way for increasing gentrification of the city, allowing tourism to flourish at th...
Spike Lee vs Rapaport News

Spike Lee and Michael Rapaport Clash Over Gentrification

Spike Lee may live on the Upper East Side, but he'll still fuck you up.
Brooklyn-landlords-try-to-force-gentrification News

NYC Landlords Are Evicting Black Tenants for White Tenants

Someone call Spike Lee!
From the collaborative 3D piece Art

Charles Fazzino and TATS CRU Capture the 1970s in Collaborative, 3D Piece

Pop art and graffiti prove two sides of a very different coin.
My-Brooklyn TV

VIDEO: “My Brooklyn” Trailer Tackles Gentrification in NY

The gentrification of urban centers in the U.S. like Brooklyn, New York is a touchy subject. For transplants and the upwardly mobi...