Chicago_police_gang_rival_territory Crime

Chicago Cops Dropped Off Uncooperative Gang Members In Rival Territory

Serve and protect, as long as you snitch
chicago_murder_rate_2016 Crime

Chicago’s Murder Rate in 2016 Hit Its Highest Levels in Two Decades

Any hope of a better year went out the window
chicago-gang Crime

What Happened When a Chicago Mag Writer Spent 18 Months With a Local Gang

"I asked these kids how the hell they knew all this. They looked at me like I was an idiot. 'Music,' they said."
bronx gang members News

87 Bronx Gang Members Arrested in Historic NYC Takedown

700 cops and federal agents arrested 87 out of the 120 gang members they were targeting
Tiny Doo Brandon Duncan News

California Rapper Tiny Doo Could Spend Life in Prison for Making Album

Who knew that putting “a revolver with bullets" on your record cover could put you away for life?
BMW Parts News

British Gangs Can Steal a Car and Export it Within an Hour

These gangsters can flip your beamer before you finish dinner.
asap-rocky-main-portable1 News

Flags of New York: A Flag Day Retrospective of New York City Crews, Gangs and Et...

Learn about some of New York City's most infamous flags.
deaf-stabber-alleged-robert_neal News

Deaf Jam: Man Stabbed After Sign Language Mistaken for Gang Signs

Learn about how a man was stabbed after his sign language is mistaken for gang signs.
Rick Ross Threats Seriously Chicago Police Features

SHR on Rick Ross, Gangster Disciples & Vocational School

Billboard reports that Rick Ross cancels his tour because some GD’s said they were gonna get at him. Watch Rick Ross deny it and b...