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Nintendo Switch Hits Porn Sites, Hard

No vaseline
Hotline Miami Tech/Games

The Importance of Indie Video Games

And why you should pay attention.
ET Film

E.T. Nearly Kills Video Game Industry in “Atari: Game Over”

Watch the trailer for Zak Penn's new documentary about the worst video game ever.
Check out the need to knows from E3 2014 Tech/Games

This is What You Need to Know About E3 2014

And a list of all the sequels you could imagine.
Man almost dies after 3 day gaming binge in China Tech/Games

Man Almost Dies After 3-Day Gaming Binge

glorious leader videogame Tech/Games

Kill Capitalists as Kim Jong-un in “Glorious Leader!”

All hail our "Glorious Leader!"
A New Shaq Fu Video Game Tech/Games

A New Shaq Fu, A Legend Reborn

Getting Up Marc Ecko Video Game Graffiti

Is a Sequel to “Marc Eckō’s Getting Up” in the Works?

Graffiti and video games. Need we say more.