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Fox News Pulls Ad Calling for Trump’s Impeachment

Fascism 101
Bill-O'Reilly News

Bill O’Reilly Got Cucked By God

O'Reilly really is beefing with the man above
Tomi Lahren/Fox News News

White Devil Woman Gets Job With White Devil Network

Tomi Lahren is back on her B.S.
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Suspended Fox News Dick Pic Sender Suing Journalist For $50 Million

You mad, bro?
Eric Bolling accused of sexual harassment. News

Fox News Host Eric Bolling Accused of Sending Unwanted Dick Pics

Anyone surprised?
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Did Trump Just Lose Fox News?

The beginning of the end
kelly-anne-conway News

Kellyanne Conway Makes the Internet’s Day

What's the conclusion? That you're terrible at your job
charles-payne-fox News

Fox Suspends Another Host For Sexual Harassment

Charles Payne is the latest in a long line of creeps
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Fox News Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Grows


Donald Trump’s Day of Vomiting Word Garbage

Today's edition of The Daily Blunt
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Did Fox News Pay Blindfolded Black Men To Fight For White People’s Entertainment?

Seven more Fox staffers join racial discrimination lawsuit
Bill O'Reilly News

Bill “Racist Alleged Sexual Predator” O’Reilly About To Get Fired

Outta here!
Bernie Sanders News

Sanders Wasn’t Buying “I’m With Her”

Today's edition of The Daily Blunt
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Geraldo Rivera Responds to ‘DAMN.,’ Tells Kendrick He’s Doing Rap Wrong

Mr. 'Hip Hop is Worse Than Racism' returns for an encore.
Bill O'Reilly Hot Takes

Hey, Bill O’Reilly: Just Go Ahead and Retire, Bitch!

A two-week "Vacation" just isn't long enough!
Neil Gorsuch News

Trump “Wins” Supreme Court Battle, America Loses

Today's edition of The Daily Blunt