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Fox News Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Grows


Donald Trump’s Day of Vomiting Word Garbage

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Did Fox News Pay Blindfolded Black Men To Fight For White People’s Entertainment?

Seven more Fox staffers join racial discrimination lawsuit
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Bill “Racist Alleged Sexual Predator” O’Reilly About To Get Fired

Outta here!
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Sanders Wasn’t Buying “I’m With Her”

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Geraldo Rivera Responds to ‘DAMN.,’ Tells Kendrick He’s Doing Rap Wrong

Mr. 'Hip Hop is Worse Than Racism' returns for an encore.
Bill O'Reilly Hot Takes

Hey, Bill O’Reilly: Just Go Ahead and Retire, Bitch!

A two-week "Vacation" just isn't long enough!
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Trump “Wins” Supreme Court Battle, America Loses

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Rep. Maxine Waters Says “Bill O’Reilly Should Be In Jail”

Also: "Fox News is A Sexual Harassment Enterprise"
Trump/O'Reilly News

Slimebag Trump Defends Slimebag O’Reilly

Lame recognizes lame
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More Bad News for Fox News

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Fox News Is Getting Sued For Racial Discrimination

Probably because they're racist
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Canada Asks Fox News To Delete False Tweet After Mosque Attack

Media outlet wrongly reports on shooter's nationality
Stacey Dash Kanye West News

Stacey Dash Says Kanye West Should Go to Rikers So “He’ll Know What Rape Is”

Stacey thinks Kanye should get raped for talking about rape.
John Calipari Bill O'Reilly Show Players First Book Interview 2014 Sports

Bill O’Reilly Attacks Hip Hop and Coach John Calipari Defends

DD_007b The Dingle

The Dingle: Fox News Covers the DNC 2012

What if the watchful eye of Fox News caught some stuff you didn't see at the DNC.