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Artist Kang Seung Lee Draws the L.A. Uprising 25 Years Later

He wasn't there, which is why he thinks imagery is so important
faith47-aqua-regalia-jonathan-levine Art

How Faith47 Translates Her Public Art for the Gallery

The well-traveled street artist boils down her urban experiences for the gallery set.
yellow black large painting Futura Introspective Magda Danysz 2014 Art

Magda-Danysz Galerie of Paris Presents “Futura:Introspective”

Get the info on the graffiti luminary's latest exhibition.
chainsawfeature Art

Artist, Todd McLellan Deconstructs 50 Objects Into 21,959 Pieces

In his latest book, Things Come Apart, Todd McLellan reveals the workings of 50 objects – from a raleigh bicycle to a Zenith CH 6...
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Sharm Murugiah’s Tarantino Screenplay Prints

Sharm Murugiah combines art with film iconography in his latest body of work. Using digital dry ink on 100% cotton rag paper, the ...
pharell-kaws-divd-salle Art

VIDEO: Pharrell’s ARTST TLK Ep. 2: Kaws and David Salle

On the heels of Kaws’s historic Companion balloon Pharrell sits down with the graff writer turned fine artist/clothing designer/to...

What Do You Think of Richard Prince’s “Lemon Fizz?”

When you think of artist Richard Prince you might think of photography or painting but do you think citrus-flavored soft drinks? I...
pow-wow-participants-promo Art

Pow Wow Hawaii’s Art Community on the Rise

Maybe it’s the fresh air. Maybe it’s the friendly, beautiful people. Maybe it’s a combination of both but whatever it is Hawaii is...
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Lettersman: Greg Lamarche

Greg Lamarche is has been contributing to Mass Appeal since way back, and his broad range of artistic gift has helped to define ou...