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Cardi B Is Not Your Feminist

“N****s hustle, and I hustle n****s.”
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Asa Akira: “Fuck You. I’m a Feminist.”

"This is where porn thrives: women make twice, thrice, up to four or five times as much as our straight, male counterparts."
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These NYC High School Dudes Think Pharrell Can Be Feminist

Find out how NYC high school dudes are owning their feminism.
The Magic Gap feature Nowness Series Define Beauty 2014 Style

Women and “The Magic Gap” – #YesAllWomen

What a hashtag and a short video reveal about the objectification of the modern woman.
Paglia Nicki Feminist Booty 2014 Twitter Trend News

#FeministBooty: Can I Get In, Or Nah?

Feminist booty is more provocative than regular booty.
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Beyoncé Brand Feminism

Is Beyoncé a modern day feminist or just fronting for figures?
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The Ladies Take Over Brooklyn via “Rock the Belles”

While Rock The Bells' East Coast dates may have been nixed, the female element of hip hop were alive and well at Brooklyn's "Rock ...
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Women On Walls: Egyptian Women Fight for Equality with Graffiti

Women on Walls, or WOW, have taken to the streets, creating murals in four of Egypt's major cities, Mansoura, Alexandria, Cairo an...