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Svpreme Queen Latifah Coloring Book Music

7 Deadly Femcees: Svpreme / Queen Latifah

All hail Svpreme as she does her thing and gives props to Queen Latifah for paving the way for industry femcees.
Rocky Rivera Lauryn Hill Music

7 Deadly Femcees: Rocky Rivera / Ms. Lauryn Hill

Oakland stand up as Ms. Rocky Rivera spits it one time for your conscious mind.
missy-ddot-white-615x375 Music

7 Deadly Femcees: DDOT NuuWorld/ Missy Elliot

Mass Appeal brings you the 7 Deadly Femcees series. Everyday this week an up-and-coming female rapper will be showcasing their tal...
MC Lyte Coloring Book Page Music

7 Deadly Femcees: MC Melodee / MC Lyte

Amsterdam's MC Melodee keeps it pure by kickin' wicked rhymes and educating through hip hop.
amber_london-lo_mf_key-thumb Bump That

Bump That! Amber London “Low MF Key”

Listen, there are seemingly more females in the rap game than ever. Some of them are very attractive, and they rap about how other...
Iggy Azalea Vs Azealia Banks Music

Iggy Azalea VS. Azealia Banks

Forget the war of the roses, its all about the battle of the Azaleas, err Azealias?