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Trump Team Says They’ll Kill the Open Internet “As Soon As Possible”

Hey, no one likes the internet anyway, right?
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Federal Court Blocks FCC Attempt to Prevent Prison Phone Overcharges

Prison phone companies currently charge inmates as much as $14 a minute for a call

FCC Net Neutrality Rules Go Into Effect Despite Legal Challenge

The new net neutrality regulations aim to create a level playing field for service providers.
Inmates serving a jail sentence make a phone call at Maricopa County's Tent City jail in Phoenix Knowledge

Prison Inmates Are Charged Over $1 Billion a Year for Phone Calls

Inmates are essentially paying for their own incarceration through over-priced phone calls.
FCC Passes Net Neu Bill News

FCC Votes In Favor of Net Neutrality

The Internet is safe, for now.
FCC vs Net Neutrality 2014 News

Will Government Deregulation and Corporate Greed Ruin the Internet?

A new proposal by the FCC allows corporations to pay Internet providers for preferential treatment.