hate-crimes News

New FBI Hate Crime Stats Prove Yet Again that White People are the Worst

leonardo dicaprio and martin scorcese team for new true crime thriller Film

Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorcese Team For FBI Thriller

The potent duo follows ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ with another true crime film.
Sebastian Gorka News

Trump’s Top Advisor: There’s Only Radical Muslims and Those Soon To Be Radical

Trump's top advisor doesn't confirm he hates Islam, but does tell us he doesn't like hip hop
fyre_festival_new News

FBI Investigating Fyre Festival Organizers For Fraud

Ja Rule: “That’s not fraud—false advertising, maybe — not fraud”
Trump Baby News

Trump is a Damn Child

Today's edition of the Daily Blunt
Comey Cartoon News

FBI Makes it Clear: They’re Investigating Trump and He’s Lying

Today's edition of the Daily Blunt
greg News

Ben M. Keita’s Cause of Death Changed from Suicide to “Undetermined”  

His family and CAIR ask the FBI to investigate how the black Muslim teenager died
info News

FBI Shutting Down FOIA Requests Via Email

Get your stamps ready!
kk News

FBI: White Supremacists Have Infiltrated Law Enforcement

No wonder the police hate #BlackLivesMatter
ellis_island_internmen_mass_appeal News

A Date Which Will Live In Infamy: When FBI and NYPD Interned New Yorkers At Elli...

"Later newspaper men were not permitted to talk to prisoners." -New York Times
fingerprint and mugshot database Knowledge

The FBI Wants Its “Next Generation Identification” Database Exempt from Privacy ...

Since launching the NGI system in 2008, the FBI has collected over 100 million fingerprints and over 45 million facial photos
stop mass hacking act Knowledge

‘Stop Mass Hacking Act’ Aims to Block FBI Hacking of Private Computers

An obscure amendment would allow law enforcement to remotely view and seize the data of any computer in the world
warrantless surveillance Knowledge

FBI Conducted Warrantless Surveillance by Bugging Public Spaces in California

The hidden mics resulted in a legal battle, but did not capture any usable evidence
fbi corruption probe News

Top NYPD Cops Running Scared After Details of FBI Corruption Probe Emerge

Cops were allegedly bribed with vacations in exchange for working security at weddings
WhatsApp Privacy Concerns Real Talk

WhatsApp Just Flexed on Your Whole Government

End-to-end encryption for a billion people is essentially a big "fuck you" to Big Brother
corruption probe News

FBI Corruption Probe Investigates NYPD Cops Trading Favors for Gifts

Two businessmen have been taking cops on Caribbean trips, and the FBI wants to know why