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What’s The Most Popular Fast Food For People High AF?

A new study provides the answers
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Maybe If Trump Isn’t Impeached, He’ll Die From His Diet

A visual examination of some items in Trump’s gluttonous diet
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Popeyes Says Chicken That Looks Like a Fried Rat Head Was Probably “Organ Meat”

Putting the eyes in Popeyes!
People picket at a McDonalds News

New York Will Raise Minimum Wage for Fast-Food Workers to $15

The wage increase will be phased in, so that fast-food workers in NYC will not see the full increase until 2018.
Burger Kings Making It Rain On Employees by Creating New Slaves News

Burger Kings: Fast Food CEOs Make New Slaves of American Workers

I'll take a Whopper with an extra large side of economic inequality, please.
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Stop Overcomplicating Breakfast

Breakfast sandwiches are out of control right now. Every fast food company in America seems to be hopping on the bandwagon with th...
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Stick ’em Up: The Typo Terrorist

Our daily profile on stickers grabbing hold of your attention.