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We Don’t Disagree–Iggy Azalea Can’t Rap (Or Twerk)

Never read the comments
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“I bet you guys came in your pants when you saw this”

Never Read the Comments

Florida Sheriff’s Video Looks Like ISIS

"We are coming for you. Run!"
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Never Read the Comments: “Shouldn’t have let white people in”

So. Much. Hate... Damn.
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“Bruh, You On Crack and Need A Chill Pill”

This week's edition of Never Read the Comments
walmart-horse-woody-fields News

Houston Men Ride Horses Through Walmart

Massive cleanup on aisle five
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Never Read the Comments: “This Bitch On Crack”

You guys are savages.
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Don’t Read The Comments

You've been warned
remy News

Remy Ma Declares an End to 2017’s First Big Rap Beef

Maybe she's gone vegan?
facebook_racist_advertising_violation Tech/Games

Facebook Will End Some Aspects of its Racist as Hell Advertising Policy

But it's not enough
facebook_racism News

Facebook’s Advertising Practice is Racist as Hell

And blatantly illegal
korry_gaines_fb_lead Crime

How Facebook Collaborates With Police to Hide Evidence From The Public

"Facebook helped Baltimore police kill #KorrynGaines in the dark"
pablo_visualized_lead Drugs

Bigger than Facebook: Check Out How Much Money Pablo Escobar Was Making

A grand a week on rubber bands...
facebook Knowledge

Facebook Is Using Phone Mics to Monitor Users, Professor Warns

The company claims they are not storing the information or using it for advertising
whatsapp News

Facebook Exec Jailed for Refusing to Release Private WhatsApp Messages

Tech execs are now risking jail time in the fight for privacy
personal data News

France Orders Facebook to Stop Sending Personal Data to the U.S.

The country's government is standing up for its citizens' privacy.