The 83rd, a producer known for work like Angel Haze's "New York," drops an angry, experimental electronic album called Again I. Music

Stream The 83rd’s Harsh and Unapologetic New Album, ‘Again I’

Smashing a keyboard is better than smashing a person
Watch the new video for Slugabed's "Earth Is Gone Sorry" featuring vocals by Lum. The video tells a Biblical tale through memes. Music Video

PREMIERE: Slugabed’s “Earth Is Gone Sorry” Video Sends Coded Message

Gettin' Biblical with it, nanananana
uniiqu3-jersey-club Dance

UNIIQU3 Schools the Dance Scene on Jersey Club

Forget catching on, now they're catching up
Majical Cloudz Music

Majical Cloudz “Your Eyes”

A thank you from Majical Cloudz.
The Knife Music

The Knife Break Up

R.I.P. The Knife.
without you my life would be boring shaken up version Music

The Knife “Without You My Life Would Be Boring (Shaken-Up Version)” Video

Step foot in this mental ward and get shaken-up.
prism_house Music

Premiere: Prism House – Landfall EP

The Brooklyn-based duo push the boundaries of how we define electronic music with their new project.
Haleek Maul Black and white photo two middle fingers Music

Introducing Haleek Maul’s Collective: On The Tanz

Finally, Rihanna's not the only game in town.
Daft Punk Helmet Documentary Film

Here’s the Story Behind Daft Punk’s Helmets

It's anything but simple.
960X640 Music

CMJ 2013 Preview: The Producers – The Range & Lee Bannon

The Range and Lee Bannon are the producers we're most excited to catch at this year's fest.
roofeeo-jahphet-landis Music

Roofeeo “Call It What You Want 3”

Brooklyn-based DJ, producer, and drummer Roofeeo releases the newest edition of his annual mixtape series. TURN UP!
featurerealscenes Film

Resident Advisor’s Real Scenes Explores New York

Resident Advisor's video series Real Scenes explores the creative and cultural influences that drive the electronic scene in leadi...
giorgio_with_roland_modular-1 Music

Gio Moroder Talks History of Electronic Music and Daft Punk

With the upcoming release of Daft Punk’s latest album, Random Access Memories in the midst, the folks over at The Creators Project...