Mike Pence News

Pence Tells North Korea They’ll Probably Get Bombed, Too

Today's edition of The Daily Blunt.
Chance The Rapper with his daughter and the Obamas Music

Chance the Rapper’s Great Week Ends On Sour Note

Hey, Chicago Sun Times, STFU
Teachers-Fail-LIteracy-Test News

Majority of NYC’s Teachers-In-Training Fail Literacy Test

These are the teachers tasked with educating the next generation.
Mark Zuckerberg College Dropout News

Rich Dropouts Are as Likely to Succeed as Poor College Graduates

Meritocracy is more myth than reality.
Kruger-Arts-Matter-01-500 Art

Barbara Kruger Reminds Us That “Arts Matter” in LA

Barbara Kruger is helping to raise money for art education by covering buses and billboards with her words and work in Los Angeles.