uniiqu3-jersey-club Dance

UNIIQU3 Schools the Dance Scene on Jersey Club

Forget catching on, now they're catching up
rubber_chicken_edm_track News

How To Make EDM Amazing: Add Rubber Chickens

Bok Bok Ba-Drop
claimtofame Features

Claim to Fame: Shop Boyz

Talking shop with the boyz behind "Party Like A Rockstar"
Jason Ano Pic Director's Chair

Director’s Chair: Jason Ano

Music video directors don't get enough shine these days. That's why we're turning the lens on them.
Monkeys making EDM News

Can Just Any Monkey Make Electronic Music?

Yes, just watch this video.
skrillex-summit Music

Skrillex “Summit” ft. Ellie Goulding

The electronic madman teams up with the U.K. songstress
sndclsh-clocks Music

SNDCLSH (Lupe Fiasco & DJ Sky Gellatly) “Clocks”

A foray in to the electronic dance music that's all the rage these days