drug smuggling

narco tunnel Drugs

Police Seize 1,500 Pounds of Pot from Narco Tunnel Under Mexican Border

For every tunnel that is found, as many as 10 could go undetected
Marsha Gay Reynolds Arrest News

Flight Attendant Arrested After Allegedly Smuggling 70 Pounds of Cocaine

Marsha Gay Reynolds was apparently a former Miss Jamaica pageant runner-up
Pablo Escobar Drugs

Mysterious Safe Found at Pablo Escobar’s Former Mansion

What kind of surprise could the “King of Cocaine” have left the new property owners?
drug smugglers Drugs

Drug Smugglers Turn Themselves in After Getting High on Their Own Supply

Number four: know you heard this before...
Weed Carrot Mexico seized by narcotics officers Drugs

Texas Cops Seize a Ton of Pot Hidden in Fake Carrots

Drug smugglers just want Americans to eat their vegetables.
dea, tsa News

DEA Wastes Funds Paying Amtrak and TSA Employees to Spy on Passengers

The feds wasted nearly a million dollars of taxpayers' money to get information they were already entitled to.
Heath Drugs

Anti-Narcotic Deputy Busted Smuggling 247 Pounds of Pot

This deputy just got busted on the wrong side of the law
44 Tons of Marijuana Seized Drugs

Narco Bodega: 44 Tons of Weed Seized in Mexican Tunnel

Move that dope.