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The LAPD Probably Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Have Drones

Let’s be honest, their track record sucks
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Why Are U.S. Allies Spending $3 Million To Shoot Down A $300 Drone?

U.S. General brags about massive waste of money.
CopDrones Knowledge

New North Dakota Law Allows Police to Weaponize Drones with Tasers and Tear Gas

This law sets a grim precedent for the increasing militarization of the country's police.
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Congress Debates Whether Drones Represent a “Nightmare Scenario for Civil Libert...

Privacy advocates are worried about threats to civil liberties, Amazon is worried their new drone delivery service will be delayed.
katsu-drone-graffiti-billboard Graffiti

KATSU Uses Drone to Scrawl on Billboard

Graff writer KATSU uses a drone to scrawl on a Calvin Klein billboard.
Drones-Prisons News

Correctional Officers Discover Drone Carrying Contraband Over Prison Wall

After years of relying on higher walls and fences to deter trespassers, people are now just flying over them.
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President Obama and FAA Release New Policies for Drones

Here's what you need to know if you plan on flying a drone.
Drone crashed delivering Meth Drugs

Drone Carrying Pounds of Meth Crashes at U.S.-Mexico Border

They've been watching too much 'Breaking Bad.'
Drone Boning Video Film

Get Aerial With the Venereal in “Drone Boning” (NSFW)

Money shots are about to get so crazy!!
Trash Talk Drone Music

Trash Talk Takes Down a Drone During Live Show

Don't look down.
DJI Phantom Helicopter Drone flown Through Fireworks 2014 Video

Drones and Fireworks are a Magic Combination

This video will get you closer than you've ever been to fireworks while sparing you from your mother's shrill cries.
Criminal uses drone to extort cannabis farm owners Drugs

UK Stoners Build Weed Hunting Drone

Now drones help criminals get high.
Drones Over Compton Video News

Drones Over Compton: LAPD Plays Big Brother

Don't pull the thang out, unless you plan to bang.
Randy Scott Slavin releases a video of an aerial view of NYC Film

Unbelievable Drone Video of NYC Will Blow Your Mind

Attack of the Drones: NYC Edition
Katsu Drone Paintings Graffiti

KATSU: Bombing With Drones

All of them drones do what them drones want.
NotABugSplat Photo Art

NotABugSplat Reminds Us Drone Strikes Are Not A Game

A Pakistan-based collective of artists has created a new project to put a human face to the US' indiscriminate drone strikes.