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Dr. Dre Helps Reveal Release Date for Eminem’s ‘Revival’

Common side effects include...
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The 25 Best Rapper/Producers of All Time: The Playlist

Get you somebody that can do both
Suge-Knight, Dr. Dre News

Suge Knight Claims Dr. Dre Tried to Have Him Killed for $20k

Hit 'em up?
dr. dre apologizes to dee barnes direcly Film

Dr. Dre on Night of Dee Barnes Assault: “I Was Out of My Fucking Mind”

He discusses the "dark cloud" that's followed his career in the new 'Defiant Ones' clip
chance the rapper apologizes to dr. dre News

Chance The Rapper Apologizes to Dr. Dre For Clowning Aftermath

Chance no longer thinks Aftermath "Can't Do Math"
Dr. Dre's classic single "Dre Day" turns 24. Music

24 Years Ago Today Dr. Dre Came at Everyone’s Neck

When you dis Dre, you dis yourself
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25 Years Ago, Today, Los Angeles Burned

Remembering the five days of chaos that followed the Rodney King verdict
kendrick lamar 'damn' artwork Features

A Comprehensive Look at Everyone Who Made ‘DAMN.’

Inside Kendrick Lamar’s latest opus.
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Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine Documentary Series Coming to HBO

Featuring exclusive chats with Springsteen, Nas, and more
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Suge Knight is Suing Dr. Dre For $300 Million, Says He’s Owed Beats By Dre Profits

Dr. Dre got the cushy Apple job. Suge got jail and he's not satisfied
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Michel’le Reflects on Alleged Abuse From Dr. Dre: “I Stayed Because It Was Normal”

Michel'le sits with Wendy Williams ahead of the release of Saturday's controversial 'Surviving Compton' film
dre-lifetime Film

Dr. Dre to File Lawsuit Against Sony Over Movie Portraying Him Beating Girlfriend

If 'Surviving Compton' successfully airs Saturday, Dre's taking legal action
Anderson Paak Animal Episode 2 Features

Mass Appeal Presents: Anderson .Paak ‘A N I M A L’ (Episode 2)

Paak shares some of the blueprints for the rocket ship he's riding to the top.
Anderson Paak Animal Video Series Features

Join Anderson .Paak on His Journey to Stardom in ‘A N I M A L’

The artist formerly known as Breezy Lovejoy invites you to watch as he blows up.
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Women Beat by Dre Remain Divided About His Apology

Is this just a PR move, or is Dr. Dre actually regretful for his actions?
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Dr. Dre Issues an Apology to the Women He’s Hurt

The mounting public pressure following the revisionist history of 'Straight Outta Compton' has resulted in Dre coming to terms wit...