Donald Trump

Sebastian Gorka News

Trump’s Top Advisor: There’s Only Radical Muslims and Those Soon To Be Radical

Trump's top advisor doesn't confirm he hates Islam, but does tell us he doesn't like hip hop
Putin/Trump News

Lyin’ Trump: I Don’t Know About Russia Hacking The Election

Everyone Else: They Did
Kushner News

Jared Kushner Finally Speaks, Unsurprisingly Sounds Like an Asshole

We don't even wanna hear it
Rodger Stone News

Weed Doesn’t Need You, Roger Stone

Ever heard of Roger Stone? Good for you if you haven't.
Sheriff David Clarke News

Sheriff Crazy Won’t Work For DHS, But Will Promote Trump Agenda “Aggressively”

'Black Lives Matters Is Terrorism' guy will remain in Milwaukee for now
Trump/Turnbull News

Leaked Video Shows Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull Mocking Trump

Donald's not going to like this
trump-birthday-daily-op News

Donald Trump Was Born 71 Years Ago. Damn

A day that will live in infamy
dennis_rodman_korea News

Penis-Breaking Weirdo Dennis Rodman To Meet North Korean Dictator Weirdo, Again

Despite the looming threat of our demise, Rodman's there to "open doors"
Trump Family News

Our Incompetent President Trump and His Incompetent First Family

If you're going to be evil, at least get your shit together
cnn host reza aslan's 'believer' show is canceled News

CNN Fired the One Host That Dared to Call Trump a “Piece of Shit”

Aslan’s ‘Believer’ show on the network is done after one season
Impeachment News

Al Green Says Impeachment Papers Are Coming

Despite death threats, the Texas congressman is filing papers
reporter claims maxine waters "shoved" him, and he's wrong News

Oh, Shut Up, Maxine Waters Did Not Shove You

Reporter can’t handle Maxine’s tremendous personality. Sad!
trump-hot-take Hot Takes

Trump’s Response To Terrorism Offers Further Proof That He’s A Fool

President Twitter Fingers AKA Donald Trump
World burning Hot Takes

Trump’s World Is Burning, So He Wants The Rest of Us to Burn Too

Pulling out of the The Paris Climate Agreement is another really bad idea
trump-tweets News

Trump Out-Trumps Himself, Gives World Leaders Cell Number, Invents “Covfefe”

Totally "winning" at being a total joke
Hot Takes

This Is Good Art

Kathy Griffin and Tyler Shields are sellouts for deleting it