Donald Trump

trump supporter and juggalos News

Juggalos and Trump Supporters to March On D.C. at Same Damn Time

What could possibly go wrong?
south-park-20-years Features

Everything I Need To Know About Charlottesville I Learned on ‘South Park’

Trey Parker and Matt Stone predicted the future for the last 20 years
Daily Blunt News

LeBron James Calls Trump the “So-Called President”

The NBA star once again uses his platform to take a stand
Donald Trump's Manufacturing Council News

Let’s Not Be Too Proud of the CEOs Leaving Trump Now

They stood by him through plenty of other horrors
donald-trump-twitter News

President Retweets Image Of “Trump Train” Running Over CNN Reporter

Putting out the dog whistle to signal his base
Black Lives Matter News

In Charlottesville, Blood Is On the Cops’ Hands, Too

The ongoing relationship between the police, white supremacists and Trump
white supremacist hold tiki torches News

TIKI Condemns Neo-Nazis For Using Their Torches

"We do not support their message or the use of our products in this way"
polar bears and penguins suffering because of global warming News

Report Confirms That 2016 Was the Hottest Year on Record

Hundreds of scientists from more than 50 countries agree on bad news for everyone
jeffrey lord News

Trump-Loving CNN Anchor Fired For Tweeting Nazi Stuff

"Nazi salutes are indefensible," said a CNN spokesperson
trump-chicken-wh News

Someone Parked a Big-Ass Trump-Shaped Chicken Behind the White House

There's a livestream for it, too (of course!)
trump-heaven-large News

President’s Religious Advisor Says God Gave Trump Permission To Bomb N. Korea

But when Allah tells Muslims to blow things up that's terrorism?
Donald Trump, North Korea president Kim Jong-un News

As War With North Korea Looms, Trump’s Getting Daily Folders Full Of Positive Press

When disaster strikes
Donald Trump on CNN talking about Islam News

Trump Remains Silent on Terrorist Attack in Minnesota

It's probably not a coincidence that the target was a mosque
graffiti about global warming flooded News

USDA Isn’t Allowed To Use The Phrase “Climate Change”

Trump's war on the environment continues
donald trump at a golf course and a screen grab of a tweet News

Donald Trump Isn’t Having a “Working Vacation,” He’s Crashing Weddings

Who invited the asshat?
Donald Trump swinging a golf club in bushes News

Donald Trump Now Thinks Golf Magazine Is Out to Get Him

Can we all just take a mulligan on this loon?