Donald Trump

diddy Features

Diddy Hosts “Hip Hop Vs. Donald Trump” Panel at Revolt Music Conference

Industry conference becomes resistance rally
larry-flynt,donald-trump News

Porn Legend Larry Flynt Offers $10 Million For Dirt That Could End Trump

“I can’t think of something more patriotic to do”
Puerto-Rico News

Under Trump and Without FEMA’s Help, More Puerto Rican Lives Will Be Lost

The president threatens to pull relief from the island, but not Texas. Wonder why?
eminem Features

Eminem’s Freestyle Was Paramount, But It’s Hardly Novel

YG has been saying “F*ck Donald Trump” since the campaign
nuclear_weapons_close_lead News

Tillerson Called Trump a “F*cking Moron” for Risking Nuclear Holocaust

eminem-president News

Donald Trump Loves Eminem

Trump endorsed Eminem’s “Slim Shady Party” in 2004
eminem in his bet awards freestyle special specifically aimed at the president of the united states donald trump Video

Eminem Ethers President Donald Trump In His BET Awards Freestyle

Shady draws a line
mike pence and his wife at a colts game in october before leaving due to player kneeling. News

Mike Pence and Donald Trump Staged a Bullshit Walkout at Sunday’s Colts Game

About as embarrassing as a POTUS/VP combo gets
john-kelly News

John Kelly, The Man Allegedly Keeping Trump Under Control, Had His Cell Hacked

Should’ve used a burner
Donald Trump sticks tongue out like idiot News

Trump’s “Calm Before the Storm” Quote Turns Global Diplomacy Into Reality TV

Do you ever shut up?
donald-trump-paper-towels News

Hurricane Trump Strikes Puerto Rico, Throws Paper Towels at Its Citizens

Adding insult to injury
chuck_d_promo News

Chuck D Calls Trump A Supporter of NRA’s Terrorism

Who's the real public enemy?
puerto-rico-hurricane News

The Las Vegas Massacre Is the Latest Storm to Devastate Puerto Rico

Don't let one American tragedy erase another
Puerto Rico News

While Donald Trump Golfs, Puerto Rico Begs for Help

“We're dying here”
50 Cent, Donald Trump News

Trump Tried To Give 50 Cent $500K To Help Him Win The Black Vote

Get elected or die tryin'
Michelle Obama News

Michelle Obama to Women That Voted Trump: You Played Yourself