Donald Trump

president trump astronaut drinking pee News

Trump Clowns Astronaut for Drinking Her Own Pee

Urine trouble? We're all in trouble.
trump easter egg anthem melania News

Easter Reveals More Shit Donald Trump Doesn’t Know How to Do

Listen to the national anthem, sign autographs for kids, celebrate Easter...
Maxine Waters News

“We Gotta Stop Trump’s Ass,” Says Rep. Maxine Waters “He’s A Con Man”

"I will fight every day until he is impeached"
SnoopNevaLeft2 Features

Snoop Shows The Rap Game He ‘Neva Left’ and Why Trump’s Twitter Attack Was All Good

Speaking on Kendrick, KRS, and "Ronald Klump."
steve bannon 'removed' from nsc News

Trump’s National Security Council Has One Less White Supremacist

Steve Bannon removed from post, still contaminating the White House
KendrickContradiction Music

The Kendrick Contradiction

Obliterating other rappers is cool, but can he push Trump's wig back?
killer-mike-trump-kanye_720 News

Killer Mike is Cool With Kanye’s Trump Meeting

"Why wouldn't you?"
Johnny Brutal News

Meet the Guy Who Will Be Playing Donald Trump in Porn

He's cool with pee pee play
Jeff Sessions News

Jeff Sessions is Still Threatening Sanctuary Cities

Today's edition of The Daily Blunt
Donald Trump Cartoon News

Trump a Big Loser As Obamacare Replacement Dies In House

Today's edition of The Daily Blunt
Salem Witch Trials News

Can Spells Stop Trump?

What to know about this Sunday's global binding ritual
Kimberly Guilfoyle News

A Fox News Personality Actually Suggested Killing Snoop and Bow Wow

Whoa, not OK
White House Clip Art Bad Interner News

The White House Website is a Shitshow

Definitely not making cyber great. Again.
Coely News

Meet Coely, The Belgian Rapper Who Won’t Be Performing at SXSW Thanks to Trump

"It's a hard pill to swallow but I WILL persevere"
Snoop-Dogg-Uses-New-Video-to-Target-President-Trump News

Snoop Co-Star Michael Rapaport Responds to Trump: “He Brought All This Rough Stu...

"There are bigger fish to fry"
kellyanne-conway-encourages-americans-to-go-buy-ivankas-stuff-potentially-violating-ethics-rules News

Trump’s Ethics Lawyers Flipped Out Over Conway’s Ivanka Infomercial

Breaking Federal Law on live television