2 chainz "dna" freestyle Music

This is Your Last Chance to Stop Fronting on 2 Chainz

"DNA." Bodied
kendrick lamar mike will made it gucci mane humble damn News

Gucci Mane Almost Got the Beat for “HUMBLE.”

Hol' up!
KendrickLamarDonCheadleDNAmassappeal Music Video

Kendrick Lamar Fries Don Cheadle’s Circuits in the “DNA” Video

"See you's a, you's a, you's a—bitch..."
private dna databases Knowledge

Law Enforcement Agencies Are Demanding Access to Private DNA Databases

"The hurdles for this should be extremely high, like getting a warrant for a wiretap, because it is an invasion of privacy.”
DNA evidence Knowledge

Scientists Fired From Crime Labs for Exposing Flaws in DNA Evidence

"People that are very pro-prosecution were putting pressure on scientists to reach conclusions that were not scientifically valid"
Dirty Money Is Dirtier Than You Think News

Dirty Money Is Dirtier Than You Thought

Your money's been getting down and dirty with strippers, horses and drug dealers.