Django Unchained

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Sharm Murugiah’s Tarantino Screenplay Prints

Sharm Murugiah combines art with film iconography in his latest body of work. Using digital dry ink on 100% cotton rag paper, the ...
midnight-marauder-oscars-zero-dark-thirty-academy-awards-nordstrom-1280 Art

Artist Midnight Marauder Posterizes Oscar Night

It’s award season and while some are focused on Oscar wins, LA-based artist Midnight Marauder has whipped up original posters for ...
uncle-ruckus-movie-the-boondocks-585x449 TV

“The Boondocks” Creator Reveals Live-Action “Uncle Ruckus” Movie

Artist, creator, and producer Aaron McGruder is a busy man these days. First, it was revealed that “The Boondocks” season 4 is in ...
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Django: Off The Chain, Dolls Off the Market

The “Django: Unchained” action figures have been discontinued because Soul Brother No. 2 Al Sharpton and other prominent blacks fi...