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WhooKid50Cent Features

“I Didn’t Think Tidal Would Be Successful,” 50 Cent Tells DJ Whoo Kid

“Whoolywood Shuffle Podcast” Episode 1
defiant-ones-jimmy-iovine Video

Real Talk With Jimmy Iovine And Allen Hughes

'The Defiant Ones' co-star and director talk Tupac, Death Row, and surviving the game.
DJWhooKidMassAppeal Features

DJ Whoo Kid Tells All: G-Unit War Stories and The Making of ’50 Cent Is The Future’

"50 Cent was a drug kingpin and I was the distributor."
DJWhooKidDonaldTrump Features

That Time Donald Trump Tried To Hang With Tony Yayo and a Bunch of Drug Dealers

Another DJ Whoo Kid exclusive
Waka Flocka Flame DJ Whoo Kid Fishcenter Hancock TV

Watch Waka Flocka’s Fish Tank Play By Play

Fishcenter Live with DJ Whoo Kid
Complex looked at the making of 50 Cent's Patiently Waiting Music

50 Cent and Eminem Share the Story Behind “Patiently Waiting” on Magnum Opus

Like the Michael Jackson jacket, with all them zippers.
Chris Pratt raps Eminem's verse on "Forgot About Dre" News

“Guardians of the Galaxy”‘s Chris Pratt Spits His Favorite Eminem Verse

Slim Shady's music is universal.
rsz_asap-ferg-629x420 Music

VIDEO: ASAP Ferg “40 Belows”

Self-proclaimed “Trap Lord” and “Egyptian God” ASAP Ferg drops a short video video for new song “40 belows.” Accompanied with blac...