die antwoord

die antwoord, tommy cant sleep, jack black Music Video

This Isn’t Even a Music Video, It’s Just Weird AF

Die Antwoord's "Tommy Can't Sleep" features a pee-spewing Jack Black, for some reason
Ugly Boy Music

Die Antwoord “Ugly Boy” Video

So rough and tough.
These-Electronic-Music-Pioneers-Changed-Hip-Hop-Forever-kraftwerk-2014-kraftmatic Music

The Electronic Music Pioneers That Changed Hip Hop

Learn somethin'.
Still from the Dior "Addict" advertisement, directed by Harmony Korine. Style

Harmony Korine Directs New Dior Fragrance Ad

It ain't no Kids though.
die antwoord pitbull terrier video feature Music

Die Antwoord “Pitbull Terrier” Video

This Ain't "Timber"