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inauguration News

The Justice Department Wants My Facebook Info Because I Don’t Like Donald Trump

Private information of thousands at risk because of investigations into Inauguration Day protests
Affirmative Action News

Jeff Sessions Wants To Sue Colleges That Discriminate Against…White People

Undermining diversity in higher education
Eric Dreiband News

Trump Picks Worst Guy Possible to Lead Civil Rights Investigations

Meet Eric Dreiband who "made a career going against women and LGBT rights"
Jeff Sessions News

Congress Gives Jeff Sessions $0 For Medical Weed Raids

Today's edition of The Daily Blunt
Riot Police News

Police Reform Efforts Just Went Down The Toilet

Attorney General Sessions wastes no time rolling back progress.
medical_cannabis_weed_mass_appeal Drugs

Federal Appeals Court to the DOJ: Cease and Sekkle

Photo: Mark/Flickr A righteous appeals court ruled against the Department of Justice this week, barring the very uncool federal ag...
Inmates News

Justice Department Will End Use of Federal Private Prisons

The politics of chains and whips
court fines News

Department of Justice Cracks Down on States Jailing Poor People Over Court Fines

The DoJ wants to stop state courts from using fines against poor people as a source of revenue
iphone encryption News

Federal Judge Rejects FBI Request to Unlock Drug Dealer’s iPhone

The government plans to appeal the ruling
justice department News

Ferguson Sued By Justice Department After Backing Out of Police Reform Deal

"We intend to aggressively prosecute this case, and we intend to prevail"
chicago News

City Officials Request Probe of Chicago Police by Department of Justice

The DOJ will dig up the dirt on the notorious police department.
iPhone Knowledge

Apple Can’t Unlock Your iPhone Even if Cops Ask Them To

There are still dozens of other ways that the government or a hacker can steal your data.
Juvenile Detention Center Knowledge

Justice Department Probe Finds St. Louis County Biased Against Black Juveniles L...

The investigators found that black youths are treated more harshly than whites, and that poor youths from all races get little acc...
Malware News

Megaupload Sites Seized by Department of Justice Have Become Scam Sites

Kim Dotcom has suggested that the Department of Justice send its lawyers “back to law school.”
Loretta Lynch News

Department of Justice Launches Civil Rights Probe of Baltimore Police

The investigation could take a year or more, and may result in settlements being paid to victims of police misconduct, or independ...
CookDre Tech/Games

Department of Justice Investigating Apple’s Attempts to Stop Free Music Streaming

"All the way up to Tim Cook, these guys are cutthroat."