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Dean Blunt and Arca Connect for “Meditation”

Blunt returns as Babyfather over lush, string-laden production.
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Read Dean Blunt’s “Black Metal” Poetry

The witty poems from the enigmatic musician include "Excuses When Your Albums Flops."
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Dean Blunt Presents “New Paintings” at [space] in Hackney

An exhibition of Dean Blunt's visual art.
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Dean Blunt Shares “50 Cent” and Announces New Album

“When you go to the club and every record they’re playing is yours, you try to go left, and I made that mistake…there’s always tim...
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Dean Blunt “Free Jazz”

Let Dean Blunt's octet take you on a terrifying journey.
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Dean Blunt’s “Mersh” Not For The Easily Affected

Dean Blunt's new music video may be the most effective way to retrieve information from known terrorists.