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Not Even the Head of the DEA Can Handle Trump’s Lawlessness

Hopefully he'll narc on him
uber-graffiti Crime

Twenty Pounds of Fentanyl and Heroin Found In an Upper West Side Apartment

That's enough to knock out half the city
hemp_oil_extracts_ Politics

DEA Categories Medicinal Hemp Oil That’s Known To Helps Kids As A Schedule I Dru...

Is the Drug Enforcement Agency on drugs?
dried_cubensis Drugs

Study: Psychedelic Drugs Are Awesome, Potentially Helpful for Treating Bad Drugs

"Psychedelic drugs have been used as treatments in indigenous cultures for thousands of years."
medical records Knowledge

The DEA is Trying to Get Open Access to Your Medical Records

“It is difficult to conceive of information that is more deserving of Fourth Amendment protection”
narco tunnel Drugs

Police Seize 1,500 Pounds of Pot from Narco Tunnel Under Mexican Border

For every tunnel that is found, as many as 10 could go undetected
destroying marijuana Drugs

The Government Spent $18 Million Destroying Marijuana Plants Last Year

While state governments are making millions from selling pot, the feds are spending millions to destroy it
NSA Domestic Surveillance News

Congressmen Try to Stop NSA From Expanding Domestic Surveillance

"This radical policy shift by the NSA would be unconstitutional, and dangerous."
dea, tsa News

DEA Wastes Funds Paying Amtrak and TSA Employees to Spy on Passengers

The feds wasted nearly a million dollars of taxpayers' money to get information they were already entitled to.
Illegal Marijuana Drugs

Native American Tribe Says the DEA Raided Their Land and Destroyed Legal Hemp

Last year, the Justice Department banned the feds from prosecuting Native American tribes for growing or selling pot.
oxycodone_pillz Drugs

DEA Quotas Allow Dangerous Quantities of Painkillers Into the Black Market

The DEA, tasked with keeping drugs under control, is allowing prescription drug abuse to grow unchecked.
TwinsGoGo News

DEA Agents Busted for Running Illegal New Jersey Strip Club

These DEA agents really know how to party, but need to learn a thing or two about discretion.
MDMA-Trial-Study Drugs

DEA Approves MDMA for Anxiety Treatment

The public support for therapeutic use of psychedelic drugs is growing.
DEA Weed Bust Drugs

DEA Asks FDA to Remove Marijuana From Schedule I

More drug reform!
44 Tons of Marijuana Seized Drugs

Narco Bodega: 44 Tons of Weed Seized in Mexican Tunnel

Move that dope.