Dave Chappelle

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Dave Chappelle and Childish Gambino Will Play a Show Together

For real
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Dave Chappelle Finally Apologizes For His ‘SNL’ Monologue

Says he “fucked up” by saying to give Trump a chance.
charlie-murphy Comedy

Charlie Murphy’s Last Laugh

Much more than Eddie's big brother
chris-rock-dave-chappelle-onstage Comedy

Hot Boys Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle Hit New Orleans

Pookie Meets Tyrone Biggums
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Dave Chappelle, A Week in Review

Presenting the MASS CHAPPELLE collection. It's a celebration (bitches).
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A Night at the Comedy Cellar Without Dave Chappelle

It's still a good time
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Dave Chappelle’s Good, But America’s Still a Mess

New Netflix specials tackle OJ, Cosby, Flint & more
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Dave Chappelle’s Brutally Honest Satire in ‘The Nutty Professor’

Far more than a skinny dude in a funny hat
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Cipha Sounds Has Been Tight With Dave Chappelle for Years

But he's still pissed he missed the Block Party!
Andrew Sculz Comedy

Andrew Schulz’s Favorite Dave Chappelle Bit

"The Whore's Uniform"
Dave Chappelle in Half Baked Features

Making ‘Half Baked,’ the First Film Starring Dave Chappelle

Director Tamra Davis on taking a stand-up star to the big screen
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Damien Lemon’s Favorite Dave Chappelle Bit

"The Baby"
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How Dave Chappelle Pulls Everything Off

Meet Corey Smyth, Chappelle's business partner and musical mind.
Dave Chappelle drops two new trailers for his big Netflix night TV

Dave Chappelle is Ready to be Funny on TV Again!

Next Tuesday is booked
Dave Chappelle thinks Trump is Bad For Comedy TV

Chappelle: Trump is Bad For Comedy

Only one solution: #MakeComedyGreatAgain
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All Politics is Local, Starring Dave Chappelle

No, there were no stand-up jokes told.