Cuffing Season

Future Rich Sex Blac Chyna Music

Future Kicks Off Cuffing Season With “Rich $ex” Video

Take notes, folks. Lots of wild safe-for-work freak tings a gwan.
Nicki-Minaj-Thirst-Trapping Real Talk

An Introduction to Thirst Trappin’ On Instagram

The thirst is realer than it's ever been.
No Cuffing Season Real Talk

Yo, It’s Not Cuffing Season…Yet

These haters, clingers, and bloggers got the game all effed up.
cuffin 101 beef Music Video

Cuffin’ Season 101: Charlene, The “Perfect” Twitter Honey

After we sat down with the Dennis “The Cuff God” to discuss the infamous Cuffin’ Season Calendar, we thought, “You know, maybe tha...
cuffin_season_promo Real Talk

Off The Cuff: The Cuffin’ Season Calendar Explained

We have a chat with the man behind the hilarious and very useful Cuffin' Season calendar.