Lek and Sowat projection on Villa Medicis from The Art Of Writing Your Name. Art

‘The Art of Writing Your Name’ Documents a Global Movement

Whether you it "calligraffiti" or "urban calligraphy," it's fresh
Chifumi-Krohom-pune-india-FEAT Features

Sabek, False, and Cryptik Go Hard in the Paint

We're back for the best of the week.
cryptik scope miami Art

Spirituality In Paint: Cryptik On Scope Miami Beach and the Art of Sacred Science

"Creating art is my way of making the invisible visible."
Vitality and Verve Art

Watch SABER, MEGGS, Audrey Kawasaki, and More Paint for ‘Vitality and Verve’

Get an every-brushstroke-as-it-happens look inside the game-changing show.
cryptik-venice-love-shack-thumb Graffiti

Cryptik’s Lord Ganesha Mural at the Venice Love Shack

Cryptik, a Los Angeles based street artist writes his calligraffiti on the wall behind a large image of Lord Ganesha on the Venice...