blackfacebankrobber News

A White Man Wore Blackface to Rob a Bank

What an idiot
Coke bottle robber News

Armed Kentucky Man Robs Fast Food Spot Dressed As Coke Bottle

Taste the feeling
fentanyl News

New York Cops Seize Enough Fentanyl to Kill 32 Million People

Smack is wack
riot police News

New Database Tracks How Much Crime Cops Commit in America

More than just a few bad apples
chocolate-thief News

Bronx Chocolate Fiend Armed With Box Cutter Steals 15 Hershey’s Bars

How's that for a sugar rush?
police seize halal carts after a vicious attack which occurred this past weekend in early september 2017 News

Got Beef? Halal Cart Vendor Jumped By Rivals In SoHo

Seeing red (sauce)
confederate-flag-lower-east-side-new-york-city News

Brave Wu-Tang Fan Arrested For Trying To Bring Down Confederate Flags In NYC

"I'm going to paint a giant Wu-Tang logo on those tarps right now"
uber-graffiti Crime

Twenty Pounds of Fentanyl and Heroin Found In an Upper West Side Apartment

That's enough to knock out half the city

‘True Conviction’ Doc Shows A New Kind Of Freedom Fighters

A personal fight against wrongful convictions
spitting-lady News

The Upper East Side Spitting Lady Gets Nabbed

The homeless mentally ill woman was arrested with $19,133 on her—earned from collecting bottles
Oneal Ron Morris News

Ten Years In Prison For Fatal Butt Injections

Cement, mineral oil, bathroom caulking...
shad_gaspard_ Crime

Pro Wrestling’s Fake, But This Body Slam Isn’t: Former WWE Wrestler Thwarts Robbery

This match was over before it started
Don_C_Raiders_Cap_nyc Crime

This Brooklyn Father Was Shot and Killed Over a Fucking Hat

A fucking hat!
NYPD Cooling Confrontations News

NYC Crime Declines After NYPD Switch to Less Aggressive Policing

While many critics expected crime to increase as aggressive policing decreased, the reverse proved to be true.
Juvenile Detention Center Knowledge

Justice Department Probe Finds St. Louis County Biased Against Black Juveniles L...

The investigators found that black youths are treated more harshly than whites, and that poor youths from all races get little acc...
Mayor De Blasio And NYPD Police Chief Bratton Knowledge

NYPD Celebrates Lowest-Crime June in NYC Since 1994

Commissioner Bratton said that having less than 100,000 major crimes in a city of 8.5 million people and 56 million yearly tourist...