Crate Diggers

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Tony Touch on “Crate Diggers”

Tony Touch takes us through his expansive record collection on the latest episode of "Crate Diggers."
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Young Guru on “Crate Diggers”

Jay-Z's longtime engineer and general long time rap contributor Young Guru shares his vinyl hunting techniques, how to build a col...
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Eothen Alapatt on Crate Diggers

Eothen Alapatt has an extremely rare record collection, they've even inspired Madlib and J Dilla to sample them.
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Kid Capri on Crate Diggers

Fuse's latest episode of the DJ/producer/vinyl enthusiast favorite, Crate Diggers, catches up with the ever-passionate Kid Capri.
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VIDEO: Crate Diggers: J. Dilla Episode

The late, great Jay Dee (J. Dilla) gets the royal vinyl treatment thanks to FUSE TV’s latest Crate Diggers episode. In it some ver...