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Contact High: Che Kothari on Chronicling Chronixx

Capturing the lifestyle that facilitates the music
malcom-x-contact-high-eve-arnold Photography

Contact High: How Eve Arnold’s Photos of Malcolm X Impacted Hip Hop

The Magnum photojournalist followed the iconic, visually astute leader for a year
larry-levan-contact-high Photography

Contact High: Shooting Larry Levan at the Paradise Garage

Bill Bernstein on going inside the DJ booth to photograph the legend

Contact High: On The Set With Outkast and Bootsy Collins

Photographer Eric Johnson recalls Three Stacks playing "Hey Ya" all day.
James Brown Contact6 copy Photography

Contact High: Shooting James Brown At Rikers

The stories behind Diana Mara Henry's iconic shots.
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Contact High: Photographer Angela Boatwright on Nicki Minaj’s First Feature Shoot

A look into the early visual powerhouse that was Nicki Minaj
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Contact High: Photographer Lucian Perkins on Shooting Bad Brains’ Valley Green Show

The show is now considered a seminal moment in music history
Kanye_West_contact_sheet_ray_lego_mass_appeal Features

Contact High: Photographer Ray Lego On Shooting Recent ‘College Dropout’ Kanye West

"I started calling him Mike. 'Hey Mike.' It was on his jacket. And that really got him going. He was getting pissed."
Gil Scott Heron Sydney March 1995 Features

Contact High: Photographer Gerald Jenkins On Shooting Gil Scott-Heron In A Land ...

"When I walked into the room he said I must be from the CIA as I was following him around which got a laugh from the many people i...
Contact_High_Mass_Appeal_Contact_Sheet_bob_marley Features

Contact High: Esther Anderson On Photographing Bob “Tuff Gong” Marley, Circa 1973

"He explained the red was for the blood that was shed, green for the nature, and gold for the light and wealth of mankind."
Contact_High_The_Shoot_ODB_ Features

Contact High: Photographer Ray Lego Literally Takes Us To Church With This O.D.B...

"The priest was older but still knew ODB and was a fan. 'No swearing!' was what he kept saying." —Ray Lego
eazy_e_contact_high_mass_appeal_Ithaka Darin Pappas Features

Contact High: Ithaka Darin Pappas On Photographing a Bulletproof Vest-Wearing, S...

"The skateboard wasn't his own, he's signed it for someone and I think kind of borrowed it without asking."
Jeru_The Shoot_lede Features

Contact High: Jamil GS On Photographing Jeru the Damaja As the ‘Sun Rises In the...

"Staying positive is all about mental kung fu." Jamil GS
public-enemy-sh-2 Features

Contact High: Photographer Kevin Davies On Shooting Public Enemy #1

"When we got to the bridge, Chuck D was getting worried about Flav because Flav was kind of hanging off the bridge in a slightly d...
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Contact High: Photographer Ricky Flores On Shooting Early B-Boys and B-Girls

"At the time, hip hop wasn’t officially called hip hop. It was people just making up stuff on the fly."
angela_boatwright_solange_contact_high Features

Contact High: Photographer Angela Boatwright On Shooting Solange Knowles for ‘Vibe’

I remember looking at the proofs thinking 'Damn!'