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Drive-through Weed Comes to Colorado

Road trip anyone?
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Weed Officially A Billion Dollar Industry Per Year in Colorado

The numbers don't lie
weed_colorado_teen_use_mass_ Drugs

Despite The Abundance of Amazing Weed Everywhere In Colorado, Teen Use Decreasing

The kids are alright.
hunter_s_thompson_weed_clone Drugs

Hunter S. Thompson’s Widow is Cloning His Famous Weed

Smoke like Hunter
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Weed Is Getting Really, Really Cheap In Colorado

Cannabis highs reach new lows
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Supreme Court Denies States’ Lawsuit Against Colorado’s Marijuana Legalization

Nebraska and Oklahoma will continue to pursue legal action against Colorado
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Colorado University Crowdfunds Study on Marijuana as Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Colorado is an ideal state for this study because 1 out of every 420 Coloradans has MS
Billy Kheel Skyhigh Von Miller Art

Billy Kheel Gets ‘Skyhigh’

The artful arranging of the weed/sports contradiction
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New Jersey vs. New York: The “Race” to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

"It's a race for revenue. I think that will definitely motivate other states to legalize."
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Snoop Dogg Launches “Leafs By Snoop” Line of Pot Products

"Let’s medicate, elevate, and put it in the air!”

Federal Reserve Rejects Colorado Marijuana Bank

The feds have thrown another wrench into the works of the legal pot industry.
The Stanley Hotel Film

Hotel That Inspired ‘The Shining’ to Become Horror Museum

"Sometimes human places, create inhuman monsters."
John Connelly, Jenae DeCampo Drugs

Denver May Allow Pot Use in Bars and Restaurants

The city is on its way to becoming New Amsterdam.
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Legal Pot Isn’t as Bad for the Alcohol Industry as They Feared

It shouldn't come as such as shock that beer and weed go hand in hand.
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How Federal Tax Laws Challenge the Growth of the Legal Marijuana Industry

Marijuana businesses' profits are going up in smoke, thanks to the IRS.
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Colorado Decides How to Spend the $58 Million Made From Taxing Legal Weed

Colorado's weed industry has every taxpayer seeing green.