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White Girl Kicked Out of College For Racist Roommate Drama Involving Used Tampons

It gets grosser and even more effed up
weed_college_canada Drugs

Growing Weed 101: College To Offer Course On Cultivating Cannabis

This is truly an institute for higher learning.
SexualAssaultProtest Knowledge

Fraternities Lobby to Limit Sexual Assault Investigations on College Campuses

The proposed bill has drawn criticism from every major sexual assault victims' advocacy group.
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Marijuana Use on U.S. College Campuses Is at a 35-Year HIGH

College students haven't been this stoned since 1980.
Virginia Tech Campus Guns News

New ‘Campus Carry Measure’ Will Allow Texas Students to Bring Guns to College

The Texas shoot-em-up can now become part of students' regular coursework.
Western Washington University Making Moves To Be Seen As Less White 2014 News

University Seeks Strategy to Become “Less White”

One of the foremost questions on the mind of Western Washington University’s president, Bruce Shepard, is how his school can “make...
College Dropout art Features

10 Years Later: Colleges Tackle “The College Dropout”

We all know how Kanye feels about higher education, but as his landmark album, The College Dropout, turns 10, we consider how prof...
Gonzaga University News

Mass Appeal’s Student Ambassador Program

We're looking for college students to join our team!