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one of the "netflix is a joke" billboards that popped up on the east and west coast this week Comedy

Now We Know Who’s Behind Those “Netflix is a Joke” Billboards

Just ask Dave Chappelle, Jerry Seinfeld, and Chris Rock
chris-rock-dave-chappelle-onstage Comedy

Hot Boys Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle Hit New Orleans

Pookie Meets Tyrone Biggums
chris_rock_new_tour_9 Comedy

Chris Rock is Hitting the Road With First Tour in 9 Years

Roll with the new
EddieMurphyScreenCap Comedy

Eddie Murphy Receives Mark Twain Prize for American Humor

Murphy couldn't resist giving the crowd some of his classic Cosby impressions.
Chris Rock Rosario Dawson Film

Chris Rock Teams Up With Kanye West and Jay Z for “Top Five”

"My main goal for the movie was to have the same tone as my stand up act and nothing in my stand up act is funny."
Hipster Rogers Diggin You Music Video

Hipster Rogers “Diggin You”

Hipster Rogers channels his Patrick Swayze in this amazing, almost NSFW treat.